Antique Chaise Longue

A long sofa with a reclining back….this is the chaise lounge which got its name translated from French, which means long chair. This name suits the chaise lounge perfectly, because it has a long seat on which you can also place you feet, making your whole body relax comfortably. This lounge originated in the 16Th century France and it was used by the royals, and it is said that Cleopatra used to rest on a chaise lounge.  They were originally made of very rich upholstery and fabrics which could be afforded only by the rich people and were used only as an indoor furniture. But today the manufacturers are making chaise lounge with plastics, wrought iron, aluminum and various other materials weather proof materials, that people have started using it even as outdoor furniture to add beauty to their patio and garden. The aluminum chase lounge are light and look trendy and the wrought iron chaise lounge looks elegant but are heavy.

Many people now prefer decorating their home with antique furniture’s. Antique furniture’s enhance the beauty of the room and gives your house a very elegant and ethnic look. These furniture’s are of considerable age and some of them are very rare pieces. They are also expensive. The antique collection of furniture does differ in periods, styles and designs and it is a decorative piece of great value.

A popular piece of antique furniture which many people prefer to own is the antique chaise lounge. There are various types of antique lounges, from different ers’a from which you can select to suit your living room or bed room. The Victorian style of antique chaise and the Louis XV style of antique chaise are the two most popular styles of antique chaise lounge. Some people also choose French style of antique chaise.

The antique chaise lounge was made with a back rest and it had an armrest only on one side. These lounges were usually used to sleep on one side instead of lying flat. It was used as furniture to relax. Some lounges did not have an armrest. They are found in rich colored upholstery.

You can find a variety of antique chaise chairs in the antique shop’s, both offline and online, and though they might be a little expensive because of their rarity, they are worth a furniture in your living room. They depict your personality and your taste and they provide a cozy and comfortable seating for you and your guests.

There are quite a lot of rare antique chaise lounge for sale. A nine legged, French, Period Regence, canned lounge, made of walnut wood, from the Lorraine region; A mid- Victorian pink velvet upholstered chaise lounge, with turned legs and brass castor’s; CIRCA 1820, Scottish Regency Mahogany framed chaise lounge.; A French chaise lounge of Louis XV style, supported on six cabriole legs; 19Th century English upholstered chaise lounge, made of solid walnut; A rare American rosewood Rococo chaise lounge chair, Made in Italy straw bench; Napoleon III chaise chair in mahogany. It is a solid structure in good condition, with wonderful, decorative carvings at the back and a lovely pair of French antique painted upholstered arm chairs, are some of the antique chaise chairs that are for sale in online antique furniture’s websites.

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