Modern Chaise Longue

Chaise lounge or long chairs as it is called, is a type chair with the seat long enough to put your legs and a reclining back. It is the best piece of furniture which helps you to relax with your feet up. Whether you want to watch TV, or read a book, or just curl and go to sleep, the chaise lounge is furniture that is needed in every house. You can choose between antique chaise lounge and modern chaise lounge. The antique chaise lounges are expensive because they are rare pieces and they are made from rich fabrics. Because the chaise lounge is comfortable and because it is functional, many people prefer to own one. So to make it affordable to every one, manufacturers have introduced modern chaise lounge, which are made from different materials but provides the same functions and are available in affordable prices.

The chaise lounge has existed from ancient times. It was used for lying during the day and sleeping at night by the Egyptians and the Romans used it for reclining while eating. Today it is used both indoors and outdoors and we can see that almost every home has a chaise lounge as an additional piece of furniture in their living room or bedroom, or to enhance the beauty of their patio or garden or by the pool to relax after a swim.

The modern chaise lounge is made from various materials for both indoor and outdoor use. The modern chaise lounge creates a feeling of coziness and comfort in whichever room you put it. You can choose from plush upholstery or teak, aluminum, resin and plastic materials. The modern lounge comes in a modern style and is a perfect choice for your home interior decor. The curved back indoor modern chaise lounges are available with armrest either on one side or both sides and are available in various vibrant colors and in different price range.

The outdoor modern chaise lounge will be made from materials that are weatherproof and resistant to ultra-violet rays and insects. They are available in various styles like the right arm chaise, left arm chaise, single chaise, double chaise, adjustable chaise, folding chaise and chaise with wheels. They are available with cushions suitable for your patio and without cushions to put by your poolside.

Teak is the best material for outdoor lounge, because it is durable, weather resistant, fungus resistant and fire resistant. The resin chaise lounge is another material suitable for outdoor lounge, because it can be maintained easily.

If you are planning to get a modern chaise lounge for your home interior, you must decide as to where you are going to place and how you are going to use it. A micro fiber fabric covering double chaise lounge will be appropriate in the general activity area; A rich leather black or brown chaise lounge will be ideal as a formal living room furniture and a plush upholstery chaise lounge will be ideal for reading a book or napping in your bedroom.

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