Dog Chaise Longue

Chaise lounge is the most comfortable furniture required in every home. It is a chair with a long seat on which you can sit and keep your feet up. It is very relaxing and comfortable furniture on which you can sit, recline or sleep. The chaise lounge is an ornament for the room giving the room a sophisticated look. These lounges are of various types and designs, and the can be used in you rooms, or outdoors. People who can afford to make a huge investment usually go in for antique or posh upholstered leather chaise lounges for the living room. Chaise lounges are also available at cheaper rates. But whichever type of chaise lounge you have purchased for your rooms, the most important factor is that they have to be maintained and taken care of well.

If maintained well, the leather lounges stay for years. Protecting your leather chaise lounge without any damage is quite difficult if you have a pet dog at home. Dogs scratch on the leather and some dogs especially puppies, chew and rip out leather pieces. Such damages cannot be repaired. So your do has to be stopped from getting on your lounge. So if your dog wants a resting place, get him a lounge for himself. And nothing will be more perfect for your dog than a dog chaise lounge or a canine chaise lounge. This chaise lounge is ideal for the pets and a happy option for the owners, to protect their expensive furniture’s from dogs. For small dogs you can choose the mini chaise lounge and larger models for bigger dogs. These lounges are available in various designs, prints and colors to match your home decor.

The cushions of the dog chaise lounge are made from Velcro or micro fiber material, for long lasting. Your dog will just love to sleep on the comfort of these lounges, which are made of cushioned foam. The covers are usually removable type and can be hand washed. The armrest and the back rest provide support.

The dog chaise lounge is an excellent piece of furniture for your dog and is stylish and elegant and it can be put in any room. So if you wish to have this fine piece of furniture for you lovely pet, you have to keep a few points in mind when you go to buy one. First point to consider is the strength and durability of the lounge. If your dog is a heavy fellow, the lounge must be strong enough to bear his strength. The frames and the cushions should be durable. The lounge should be water resistant and stain resistant. If you have a dog chaise lounge idea in your mind, it would be better and cheaper to custom make one according to your specifications and idea’s instead of buying one from the store. And, above all the lounge should be easy to clean. Don’t spend huge money on a dog chaise lounge. It is not the look that matters, but the comfort for your dog.

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