Chaise Longue Designs

Today chaise lounge chairs are a common piece of furniture in every home and no home decor is complete without a chaise lounge either for relaxing indoors, or spending some time in your patio. It is a very comfortable chair that adds style and sophistication to the area you are putting it and it liked by the children, elders and even pets. The very thought of chaise chairs brings a comfort feeling into the mind. These lounges are available in high cost, low cost, antique and modern lounges with oldest and newest chaise lounge designs.

The chaise lounge is a beautiful decorative piece of furniture. It has traversed across many era’s. It is called a long chair, and can be used as a chair and a bed. The chaise lounge designs have changed a lot since it was introduced in the 18TH century. Way back when it was introduced, it was considered as a luxury piece of furniture affordable only by the royal people. And with many modifications in the chaise lounge designs, it became relaxing furniture for both inside the house and outside as patio lounge, garden lounge and poolside lounge.

Chaise lounge is considered as the best furniture that relaxes your mind and body. It has a reclining back which helps to relax and an extended seat, where you can place your legs. A plush upholstered chaise lounge will make you feel so comfortable, that a few moments on it will make you want to curl and go to sleep. The chaise lounge designs provide maximum comfort and the same time, it gives a stylish look for your rooms.

The chaise lounges are designed according to its use. Whether they are to be used indoor in your living room or bed room, or whether they are to be used outdoors in your patio. garden or by the swimming pool. Some light weight lounges can be taken to the beach. Chaise lounges are also commonly seen on ship decks.

As these lounges are for the purpose of relaxation, most of the lounges are cushioned. Some pieces come with fixed cushions, while some have removable cushions. The indoor chaise lounges are designed to provide comfort for you and your guests, so they are designed with expensive leather upholstery. The outdoor lounges are made from various types of materials which can withstand the sun, wind, heat and cold and are very durable. The materials are weather resistant and they don’t fade easily and last long. There are countless designs of chaise lounges for outdoor use and you can use the designs to decide whether you are putting it in the patio or garden. The cushions come in different prints, colors and designs. To increase the style of your patio, you can add a few pillows of your lounge.

Some of the chaise lounge designs are meant for space saving. The chaise lounge bed design has a double bed concealed inside and you don’t need a separate room to put this lounge. You can use it in your living room to sit in the mornings and to sleep at night. Some chaise lounges are designed with storage facilities where you can keep a lot of things which would otherwise take a lot of space if kept outside. Canine chaise lounges are designed to provide comfort and support for your dogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Select a chaise lounge according to the purpose of use, as to where you are going to put it and how you are going to use it.

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