Pool Chaise Longue

Chaise lounge, a chair with an extended seat is considered as the most comfortable piece of furniture for relaxing. These lounges can be used both indoors and outdoors. Chaise lounges gives an elegant and sophisticated look as an indoor furniture and a stylish and awesome look as an outdoor furniture. outdoor furniture can be patio chaise lounge, garden chaise lounge and pool chaise lounge.

The chaise lounge is an ideal piece of furniture to be placed beside the pool because it helps you to relax after a swim, in a reclining position with your legs stretched in front of you, or just relax with a drink, reading a book or listening to music. Although the chaise lounges have been used from ancient types, it does not look like exactly like how it looked in those times. Years ago, these lounges were used for eating in a reclining position or and as a chair during the day and as a bed during the night. It as only meant as an indoor furniture and only the rich could afford it. The lounges were made with expensive materials and wood  with curved legs and back rest. Most of the chaise lounges had only one armrest, and these lounges were meant for lying on one side. The ethnic olden look of these lounges can be seen in the antique chaise lounges available today. But as times changed, so did the shapes, designs and materials of the chaise lounges, with the comfort retained.

Chaise lounge is always the best outdoor furniture, especially for the poolside, because the structure of the chaise lounge is such that the slatted surface of these lounges does not retain water. Pool chaise lounge is made from water resistant materials. The chaise lounge is the highlight of poolside furniture’s and if you own a house with a swimming pool, then a pool chaise lounge is a must summer buy.

Cast aluminum chaise lounge is a perfect piece of poolside furniture. This is because, aluminum is weather proof and will not rust. It is also very strong and light weight. The aluminum pool chaise lounge can be easily carried around and it is water resistant. Teak is also used for poolside furniture’s as it very durable and can withstand any weather condition. Resin is also popularly used for making pool chaise lounge because it can withstand the toughest weather and the effect of ultra-violet rays. Resin is preferred as poolside side furniture by many people because it can be used in wet conditions and it does not rot or rust. It does not get damaged by water and can be cleaned easily. With all these properties, the resin is available at affordable prices. You can go in for Avalon chaise lounge which is made from water resistant and fade resistant fabrics.

Manufacturer’s have now introduced the floating pool chaise lounge, for spending endless hours outside the pool or in the pool. They are made of thick soft foam covered with vinyl material with steel frames inside to provide stability. The lounge has a knob attached which you can turn to make the back of the lounge upright, recline or fully flat.

Pool chaise lounge is the best piece of furniture to relax by your poolside and with a double chaise lounge, you can ask your partner or friend to join you.

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